Food Over Drugs - Parasite Formula Capsules
Food Over Drugs - Parasite Formula Capsules

Parasite Formula Capsules - 50 Cap.

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Traditional Blend Parasite Formula Capsules. Handmade from 100% organic, and wild-crafted herbs. Vegan, Kosher and Halal.

Parasite Background Information:

Parasites live amongst almost all animals on the Earth. They play a crucial role in consuming or “cleaning up” what no longer lives, so that new life has room to grow. Earth worms are known for eating dead plant material, and other worms such as pinworms, tapeworm, hookworms, flukes, and ringworms consume flesh and fecal matter. Parasites themselves do little to no harm to a healthy animal. The problems occur when the body of the host animal becomes riddled with parasites, which then leads them to pass through the colon walls and search for additional food. The parasites, in nature, will find organs or other areas in the body that are either weakened or contain a toxic build up of waste. There, they will begin to consume the tissue of an already compromised organ, causing further damage to the body.

Almost all people have parasites. As long as you either have pets, small children or eat raw meat (sushi), you likely have them. One square inch of raw fish alone could have 10,000 larvae eggs that begin hatching the moment they enter your body. The most common parasitic worm is called a tapeworm. It can grow up to 60 feet long and can live inside its host for decades.

Parasites feed off of a diet of meat, starches, alcohol, dairy and processed sugar. Therefore, it is advised not to consume these foods while undergoing a parasite cleanse. Consuming a diet of mostly raw fruit and vegetables will not only starve the parasite, but allow for their elimination.

Allergy Warning: This product may contain traces of walnut.